Targeting long non-coding RNAs for next generation cancer therapies

Amaroq Therapeutics is a Dunedin-based biotechnology company focused on developing a new class of therapeutics that target lncRNA in cancer.

Long non-coding RNAs are a relatively recently discovered class of molecules often referred to as “dark matter” of the human genome. These naturally occurring molecules do not code for proteins but fulfill important regulatory functions in the cell that could be exploited as a new therapeutic approach for multiple indications. Amaroq’s research team has discovered lncRNA molecules that are highly expressed in cancer cells, and once removed, cancer cell growth slows. Amaroq Therapeutics is developing innovative therapeutics to target lncRNAs for cancer treatment.

Amaroq Therapeutics is funded by the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund, managed by life science venture capital firm, Brandon Capital Partners, Otago Innovation Ltd, University of Otago, Cure Kids, and NZ Innovation Booster. The Company has been spun out of research from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.