CUREator – Australia’s national biotech incubator

Delivered by Brandon BioCatalyst, CUREator is backed by the Australian Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund. The MRFF’s $80 million Medical Research Commercialisation Initiative aims to support early-stage health and medical research and innovation in Australia through to proof-of-concept and beyond, providing opportunities for commercialisation. CUREator is responsible for managing a $40m portion of this fund, dedicated to supporting novel therapeutics and preclinical medical research.


Australia’s national biotech incubator

CUREator is a national biotechnology incubator run by Brandon BioCatalyst aimed at supporting the development of Australian biomedical innovations. CUREator is a nationwide incubator program that provides grant funding for successful preclinical medical research and medical innovation projects, and clinical-stage novel therapeutics. We like to think about the program as investors providing grant funding like an investor.

CUREator aims to identify early-stage biomedical technologies that require targeted funding to support their advancement to the point that they are investment or partnering ready. Funding is provided with clear milestone-driven tranches and help is provided to guide development of these assets and maximise their chance of success.

CUREator’s clinical stream supports the clinical development of novel, clinical stage drug therapies to treat disease. Opportunities that successfully receive funding through this stream, will also have the opportunity to apply for matching investment from Brandon Capital or third-party funding. 

Applications will be assessed using the established Brandon BioCatalyst processes and committees, together with independent panel members to ensure robust and balanced selections.

Successful applicants must perform the research in Australia (where possible); and funding must be provided to an Australian company. (Applicants may still apply for CUREator funding if a company does not yet exist – CUREator can assist successful applicants in establishing a legal vehicle immediately prior to award).

We welcome and encourage applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented genders* and diverse lived experiences (including those living with disability, rural and regional locations, neurodiversity, culturally diverse backgrounds and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage).

*This includes cis women, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalised.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Round One are now closed. Successful applicants will be informed from 15 December. Round Two will open mid 2022.

For more information on CUREator and the application process, watch the CUREator Information Session + Q&A webinar here


Both the preclinical and clinical-stage therapeutic streams will have access to Brandon Capital and Brandon BioCatalyst’s extensive experience in developing biomedical technologies. Brandon Capital will provide successful applicants with hands-on support and access to their global network of experts.

In addition, grant recipients can expect to benefit from connections to pharmaceutical companies, local and international venture capital firms and institutional investors. Through these networks, CUREator will assist projects and companies seeking follow-on funding through Brandon Capital or corporate partnerships. Grant recipients will also be able to co-locate at the Brandon BioCatalyst offices across the country or at Brandon BioCatalyst’s incubators in Melbourne and Sydney.

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