Women in Leadership
Development Program

Supported by Brandon BioCatalyst, the WILD (Women In Leadership Development) Program is a STEM leadership course developed by women, for women, focused on tackling common barriers to career progression and sector retention faced by women employed in the STEM sector.

The WILD Program provides Australian women in STEM with the qualifications, skills, confidence and networks needed to attain senior leadership and board positions. The Program is run once per year in Australia over a 6-month period, with up to 25 participants taken through the program annually.

The Women in Leadership Development (WILD) Program is a 6-month course that builds qualifications, skills, confidence and networks to help mid-career women attain senior leadership roles and company directorships.

The WILD Program comprises three distinct components that will better position women to attain competitive senior STEM positions and forge successful careers, in turn inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

Part 1: Participants undertake the the AICD Company Directors course, a globally-recognised training course covering areas such as governance, decision making, legal obligations, risk, strategy and finance;

Part 2: Executive leadership retreat – training on STEM specific topics such as negotiation, influence and executive communication, that can greatly assist women in obtaining and performing well in senior leadership roles; and

Part 3: Board mentorship experience – each participant attends board meetings to consolidate their learning and help prepare them for working with boards and senior management.

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