The Brandon BioCatalyst collaboration is innovation in action: We partner with the best researchers and clinicians, providing capital and hands-on expertise to support the translation of their discoveries from the laboratory to the patient. 

Our venture capital model is unique. We don’t simply provide investment, we provide ‘boots on the ground’ support and put in place the necessary infrastructure to enable founders and entrepreneurs to focus on developing and commercialising their technologies, thereby maximising their chance of success.

If you are interested in accessing Brandon BioCatalyst investment for your opportunity, please contact the commercialisation office at your institute.


Brandon BioCatalyst invests exclusively in opportunities that are associated with our Member Institutes.

Through Brandon BioCatalyst, we have created an ecosystem that supports portfolio companies and personnel at all stages of the development cycle.

In addition to the support and resources that Brandon Capital provides, we also ensure integration amongst members and portfolio companies so they’re able to collaborate with one another, sharing resources, networks and expertise, while progressing through the commercialisation process.

The investment review process follows four distinct stages:


With assistance from Brandon Capital, an opportunity seeking funding submits a Preliminary Investment Proposal (PIP) to the Investment Review Committee (IRC).


If this initial PIP is recommended to progress by the IRC, the research and/or management team will be invited to present to the IRC and at the same time will need to submit an Investment Application Form (assisted by Brandon Capital).


If the IRC is supportive of the technology receiving investment, the opportunity is passed to Brandon Capital for due dilligence.


Following detailed due dilligence, if Brandon Capital approves an investment, it recommends to the Board that the investment be made and capital is called. The Board facilitate the calling of capital.