Minimising Antimicrobial Resistance Stream

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for this funding stream are now open here.

The Minimising Antimicrobial Resistance Stream provides grant funding of up to $500,000 (per project) to support the development of new and emerging technology-based interventions with commercial potential to help prevent, discern, and control antimicrobial resistance (AMR), aiming to prevent the evolution and spread of resistance, and to maintain and extend the effectiveness of antimicrobials for longer.

This program, supported by CSIRO, focuses on minimising the likelihood of AMR emergence, prevalence and spread. Projects should design, develop and/or test a technology/prototype for an AMR solution that fits within one or more of the following challenge areas:

• Design, development and/or production of vaccines in Australia against for drug-resistant bacteria to lower the social, economic and health burden from these infections and reduce the use of antibiotics
• Development, formulation, and validation of pre/probiotic solutions and medical technologies that support decolonisation of drug-resistant gut pathogens and/or increase immune resilience
• Development and testing of technologies to assess and remove antimicrobial residues from healthcare and hospital waste-streams
• Establishment of a cost-effective, sustainable system to monitor the antimicrobial supply chain and/or support use forecasting
• Development of novel therapeutics to treat antimicrobial resistance or prolong the efficacy of existing antimicrobials
• Identification and licensing of existing medicines with antimicrobial activity (drug repurposing) including the application of novel delivery platforms
• Design and implementation of systems that support rapid point-of-use diagnostics and therefore antibiotic stewardship in primary and community healthcare settings

Successful projects may attract further interest from the CSIRO. CSIRO will have the option, but not the obligation, to contribute further funding to the recipients of Health Security Stream funding to accelerate project development, which may include further research grants and/or to seek commercial investment.

Funding guidelines regarding this stream can be found here.