Pre-Clinical Stream

The Preclinical Stream provides grant funding of up to $500,000 (per project) for preclinical medical research or medical innovation projects based in Australia with commercial potential.

This program, supported by the MRFF, identifies early-stage biomedical technologies that require targeted funding to support their progression to the point that they are investment or partnering ready.

Projects must conduct obvious key milestone tests and/or experiments in anticipation of achieving all or some of the following:
• de-risking an asset
• confirming a proof of concept
• working towards improving the attractiveness and investability of the project

This is likely to include studies such as:
• key proof-of-concept experiments
• mechanism of action studies
• lead optimisation and lead selection
• formal development
• indication selection
• commercial positioning
• validation activities

Successful projects will have the opportunity to access additional grant funding through this stream (up to an additional $500,000) upon successfully meeting key milestones and project outcomes. This will be a competitive process whereby projects will need to detail project activities to be conducted with additional grant funding.

Awardees of the Preclinical Stream can be found here for Round 1 and here for Round 2.