EBR Systems is a clinical stage company that is developing therapies for patients with heart failure using wireless cardiac stimulation.

Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) is used to treat heart rhythm disturbances by resynchronising the pumping action of the left and right ventricle with pacing wires (leads).  These pacing leads need to be placed in optimal positions to achieve therapeutic outcomes and, due to the risk of stroke, the left ventricular lead is positioned outside of the left ventricle (epicardially) rather than within (endocardially).  The epicardial placement occurs using vessels surrounding the heart which can produce suboptimal positioning.  As a result, the failure rate, where resynchonisation is not achieved, is high in this group of patients indicating the need for alternative approaches for CRT.

EBR Systems is developing a revolutionary wireless cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) device, WiSE™ to overcome the longstanding issues associated with conventional CRT implants.  WiSE™ is a small leadless endocardial implant that is powered by an externally implanted battery transmitter unit.  The technology enables clinicians to place the endocardial implant anywhere within the ventricle, based on ideal therapeutic locations.

WiSE™ has obtained a CE mark following a successful proof of concept study and is currently undergoing a global trial as part of an FDA IDE. It is anticipated that this trial will be completed by the end of H1 2022.