Vaxxas' proprietary Nanopatch™ technology is a needle-free vaccine delivery solution.

Vaxxas’ proprietary Nanopatch™ vaccine delivery platform provides an optimized, differentiated needle-free vaccine delivery solution that safely and cost effectively amplifies vaccine efficacy.  The Nanopatch™ comprises an array of thousands of microprojections that perforate into the outer layers of the skin when applied with an applicator device. The tips of the microprojections are coated with a vaccine material and release this material directly to the large numbers of key immune cells immediately below the skin surface.

Application of the Nanopatch™ to the skin is designed to be pain-free and vaccine delivery and has been shown in preclinical and clinical studies to result in a potent immune response. The robust immune response inherent to Nanopatch-delivered vaccines can enable reduction or elimination of additives such as adjuvants and proprietary dry-coating of vaccine to the Nanopatch™ can eliminate the need for refrigeration during storage and transportation.